Summer Series 2017

2017 Summer Series dates are 6th May, 3rd June, 8th July, 12th August and 9th September ( Annual BBQ afterwards).

Teams have now been announced. Please make an effort to support your team for these slightly different fun shoots. Its the B and C grade shooters who ultimately gain the points for their team.
Scores are collated from the top scorer from each team in A grade, Springer and the top three scores from B and C grade. Trophies for all winning team members as well as an individual “Top Gun” for each round will be awarded. Please be on time for a prompt 1-30 start.
If you wish to help put out the course please be on site at 12.30.
Remember it is vital that the target number and relevant score on cards correspond because there is an eliminator lane system in place to prevent shoot offs.

Results are here:- summer series 2017 email


Round 5 — The deciding round! Both teams scored 169 and drawn the series. But we must have a winner so once eliminator targest are counted Team J wins the series as they hit 27 eliminators opposed to 22 from Team M. Well done everybody who took part and special thanks to Roger for organising each course and John Garwood for collating the score. Trophies will be ordered for the winning team members.

Round 4 — Team J wins again with 168 to 161 from team M. Both teams now have 6 points so its is all to be decided on the last round. David Elvin was top gun again with 37 and 6 eliminators against Mark Johnsons 37 but 5 eliminators. See you at last round on 9th September (dont forget its a BBQ afterwards).

Round 3 —  Team J wins this round with 170 points against Team M with 166. Its now all to play for as it looks as if the final round will decide the winner regardless of round 4 scores. Exciting stuff!. Top gun is David Elvin with an excellent 39/40.

Round 2 — Another round with some high scores. John Haylet is Top Gun this round with some excellent shooting to clear the course with 40/40. Brilliant stuff, well done John. Team M once again wins this round but only just at 170 to 169 from Team J.

Round 1 — Well done to Steve Lanyman for a superb 39/40 and is top gun this shoot. Team M wins this round.