Workparty – Sunday 20th December

The two large Poplar trees have been felled and the landlord should remove the cut up trunks this Friday plus Saturday morning. The tops were chipped up and removed from site but lots of small bits and pieces remain plus the stumps were ground and all the grindings remain.
The intention is to clear up the site and put all the bits and twigs on the heap just inside the gate on the right, the front of this heap needs pulling out and throwing over the top to keep the car parking area clear. The stump grindings will be put on the footpath over the ‘Old Bridge’ this path is saturated and the grindings should help drainage a bit. The area around the two stumps will need a bit of soil and levelling when the grindings are removed.
The main roadway through the site needs clearing and sweeping which leads me on to asking if you can bring a rake and/or stiff broom and/or fork and shovel and/or a wheelbarrow. If you could let me know what you will be bringing it would be good.
We intend starting at ten o’clock and finishing at twelve o’clock, if we can’t get it done in two hours it will have to wait until the next time…..