Who remembers this?

Found this when trawling the internet (as you do). Some old Broadlands pics from a few years ago.









Summer Series

All members : The Summer Series commences on 24th May.

Two teams this year :

Team J (Jim Coleman – Captain) and Team M (Mark Johnson – Captain).

A team members list with your grade will be available in the signing in area.

Team scores will consist of 1 x Spring rifle, 1 x Grade A, 3 x others from Grades B & C. All 5 rounds to count with trophys awarded to winning team and individual “Top Guns”.

Shoot dates are:    Round 1- Sat. May 24th, Round 2- Sat. June 21st, Round 3 -Sat. July 19th, Round 4 – Sat. Aug 16th, Round 5 – Sat-. Sept. 13th ( BBQ to follow).


Round 1 scores:   Team J narrowly wins the first round with 169 points to a paltry 168 from Team M! Top Gun goes to Eddie Cable with a superb 39 / 40.

An enjoyable afternoon after torrential rain that morning. Lets have another good turnout for round 2!